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Hello, ladies! Today, we are going to do a run-through of Dior’s Resort 2016 Collection, which will be out in stores soon. Christian Dior Outlet is known for giving us some of the most eclectic and funky pieces to date, and with this collection, we are invited to take a peek out into the (yet again) extraordinary designs the luxury goods authority has to offer.what do we have here? Patched bucket bags in fabulous chains! Nothing says ‘summer diva’ than a bag with chunky, gold hardware…or some bold, majestic fabric (with an Oriental-inspired touch) for that matter. Although, we equally love both! If you’re more of the Parisian chic kind, this black variation with a fancy Dior scarf may be your best bet. Perfect for casual affairs, or even while running errands – in style, of course.

Christian Dior Outlet

I guess this fancy Replica Hermes Purses with cute patches would make you the center of attention as you strut and get it on. Paradise in a bag…literally! Would this be your next new favorite? This wallet is set to take you places you’ve never dreamed of. If you’ve noticed, Dior is all about the funky patches and patterns over block colors for this collection.

Beaded artistry and fancy metalwork is something you have to contend with. What do you think about this new design? Is this something you would want to have? Not all that glitters is gold. Metallic, fancy prints, a chunky chain and some dangling trinkets (which surprisingly, does not offset the whole thing) – so much going on in such a quaint handbag. A great statement piece you could have.

We’ve reached the end of our preview, ladies! Dior Resort 2016 promises great arm candies with attitude – something we should all watch out for. Tune in for more updates about this collection, (and other bags) soon!